[Lab] Newcomer

Nicolas f1iqf at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 12 14:55:38 EST 2011

Hi !

I recently subscribed to your list, and it's now time to introduce myself !

First, I would like to apologize in advance for my english which is not 
my primary language. I do a lot better in french :-)

I moved to Canada/Ottawa last year from Europe, for business. I am a 
network engineer, and an opensource software developper. I am the father 
of two small kids, and had given up a little creativity stuff in the 
past few years to concentrate on raising them, when not working ;-) (and 
sleeping in the mean time when possible). Since they are growing a 
little, and so I am (shyly) trying to get back into it !

I am primarly into developping electronics and the software that goes 
inside it (microcontrolers), with a speciality in network connectivity 
stuff (ethernet, etc). Lately I am having some interest in 3d printers. 
I am ham radio, with some (past) interest into microwaves, satellite 
communications, digital radio communications and moon bouncing.

I recently discoverd there was a hackerspace in Ottawa and will probably 
come sometimes soon to meet people... You will eventualy let me know 
when would be the best time for that ?

Looking forward to meet you,

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