[Gridflow-dev] missing include linux/videodev.h in src/videodev.cxx

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Dec 26 16:49:17 EST 2011

Le 2011-12-22 à 17:39:00, Claude Heiland-Allen a écrit :

> The future-proof (until the kernel changes again, heh) solution is to 
> use <linux/videodev2.h> and libv4l2(-convert), but this would be quite a 
> lot of work (especially for controls) as V4L2 is somewhat complicated - 
> I have experimented a little with this stuff in Haskell, perhaps I'll be 
> able to find some time in mid-January to transfer my knowledge to 
> C++/GridFlow.

Wow, that would be awesome !

As you can see, I've started writing a module named v4l2.cxx ([#io.v4l2]) 
but I have not finished it.

I think that we could also be talking about how to add threading to camera 
modules and perhaps to input modules in general.

Something like :

   [#in v4l2 /dev/video0, auto]
   [#camera, auto]

In which auto means that the object itself will drive its own clock, 
enabling the work to be done in a separate thread.

This topic is more detailed and complicated than what I'm stating now, but 
this is just to inform you of what I have in mind.

Currently, most camera modules use a blocking interface, that can 
interfere a lot with sound and any other duties (I think that 
[#io.quicktimecamera] is the exception).

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