[Gridflow-dev] missing include linux/videodev.h in src/videodev.cxx

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at goto10.org
Thu Dec 22 12:39:52 EST 2011

On 22/12/11 17:25, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> Le 2011-12-22 à 16:46:00, Claude Heiland-Allen a écrit :
>> On Debian Squeeze I needed to add this line to src/videodev.cxx for it
>> to compile successfully (perhaps in the past this file was included by
>> libv4l headers?).
> Isn't it the other way around ?
> I removed that line recently because the newest kernels do not contain
> <linux/videodev.h> anymore.

True.  I'll try some tests on Debian Wheezy soon (no promises I'll 
manage this before the end of the year, holidays etc..).

The future-proof (until the kernel changes again, heh) solution is to 
use <linux/videodev2.h> and libv4l2(-convert), but this would be quite a 
lot of work (especially for controls) as V4L2 is somewhat complicated - 
I have experimented a little with this stuff in Haskell, perhaps I'll be 
able to find some time in mid-January to transfer my knowledge to 



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