[Gridflow-dev] GridFlow 9.11

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Sep 7 23:24:00 EDT 2010


version 9.11 (2010.09.07):

  * now officially requires Pd 41
  * [#cast] $1 defaults to int32 (i)
  * [#camera]: added right outlet (for attributes)
  * [#type]: [#type, abbr] gives single-letter type names: b s i l f d
  * added classes [route3] [#type-gui] [#tabread] [#tabwrite] [#from~]
  * added classes [gf/tk_button] [gf/sys_gui] [gf/wrap] [gf/l2s] [gf/s2l]
  * added classes [gf/sprintf] and [#sprintf], the best sprintf() wrappers
    in the pd world
  * added OpenGL interface class [gf/gl] (with over a hundred methods in
  * added [gf/class_info] (for introspection of GF's classes only)
  * added [doc_iemfont] to fix the font size problem in help files
    (osx/win has iemgui fonts that are too small)
  * fixed some rendering bugs in [display] and [#see]
  * [#draw_polygon]: ignore value of "omit" when "draw fill" (to avoid
  * fixed detection of png support
  * [#io.quicktimehw]: fixed method 'get' (wrong attribute values)
  * [#reverse]: fixed buffer copy bug
  * [#]: fixed problem with 0-sized right input
  * [gf/error]: method 'list': also print info about the object box where
    it is
  * [gf/error]: now supports the same options that [gf/sprintf] does.
  * [gridflow]: added 'os' to allow patches to detect operating system
  * [#rotatificator]: added attr 'cast'
  * support default bang/float/symbol/pointer/list methods wherever
    applicable (just like pd does in first inlet; but GF also does it in
    non-first inlets)
  * [print]/[display]: fixed stupid bug in printing nested lists (A_LIST)
  * ./configure: no Pd detection anymore; now comes with m_pd.h of
  * 64-bit fixes in [display] and [#see] and some more
  * [hpgl_font_render] [for] [#slice] [#scale_to]: made args optional
  * [#line_to_polygon] [#fastblur]: made args optional
  * [#pack]: add method 'cast' and allow dimension-list like [#redim]'s
  * [#in grid] [#out grid]: fix problem with incorrect 'headerless' flag
  * [#import] without arguments now does the same as a plain grid-inlet
  * major improvements to the internal API of GridFlow (shortcuts, etc)
  * qbert.pd: now in 2-D, and added a title screen
  * [#border]: allow 2-dimensional input, and border sizes of 2 elements
  * [#text_to_image]: add 2-dimensional input on the left
  * [gf/object_bbox]: add method 'float' to look up by index in canvas
  * removed soft dependencies on zexy, ggee
  * rewrote [#convolve]'s help, now including a tutorial of convolution
  * split away the UTF-8 hack as "gridflow_unicorn.pd_*"

| Mathieu Bouchard ------------------------------ Villeray, Montréal, QC

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