[Gridflow-dev] new [#camera] in GridFlow 9.9

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Apr 10 01:50:23 EDT 2010

a few changes to [#camera] :

every camera module has 8 possible camera numbers, instead of 8 for v4l1, 
1 for dc1394, 4 for quicktime.

api autodetection makes [#camera] send itself "api v4l1" on linux, "api 
quicktime" on OSX, in a manner quite similar to how [#out window] 
autodetects things.

thus "device 9" becomes "device 0" on OSX.

the "transfer" option is gone until some cares enough to rewrite the 
"transfer read" support and has a camera for it.

"api libv4l1" opens [#io.videodev] with Hans de Goede's libv4l. 
Apparently, this introduces v4l2 support to GridFlow, as well as pretend 
that the camera driver supports RGB (autoconvert), etc.

"api v4l2" and "api libv4l2" point to [#io.v4l2] without and with libv4l 
support. this part is not working. apparently this will still be required 
in the future, in order to support v4l2 features that don't exist in v4l1.

"api v4l1" is necessary for accessing pwc options... i want to get them to 
work with libv4l1, later.

I also added several additional colorspace conversions, mostly in 
[#io.quicktimecamera] ("api quicktime").

those who use svn, could you please test this soon, so that we can have a 
release with this... thanks.

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