[Gridflow-dev] GridFlow 0.9.6

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Nov 5 01:33:40 EST 2009


version 0.9.6 (2009.11.05):

  * MAJOR revision of the manual (no more xml nor html: all helpfiles)
  * documented several dozen undocumented classes
  * revised all documentation content
  * installation instructions are now in ./README instead of doc/install.html
  * added [gf/canvas_filename] [gf/string_replace] [gf/canvas_count]
  * added [gf/canvas_getpos] [gf/canvas_setpos] [gf/canvas_edit_mode]
  * added [gf/canvas_setgop] [gf/canvas_xid] [gf/canvas_loadbang] etc
  * added [doc_h] [doc_c] [doc_cc] [doc_i] [doc_ii] [doc_o] [doc_oo]
  * added [doc_m] [doc_also] [doc_editmode] [doc_pos] [doc_add]
  * added [doc_below] [doc_bottom] [doc_exist] [doc_layout] [doc_make]
  * added examples/pinwheel.pd, examples/radial_blur.pd
  * added examples/operator_spectrum.pd
  * [#change]: now takes an argument just like [change]
  * [#in x11]: fixed some bugs and set out_size to a sensible default.
  * removed [#camera_control], [#camera_old], [#centroid_in_pd]
  * removed [count], [condition]
  * [#window]: added outlet
  * [#swap]: added optional argument
  * [var.#]: added optional argument
  * [#spread]: added optional argument
  * [#to_literal]: write numbertype
  * [#fade_lin]: accept grid args
  * [#posterize]: made the optional argument really optional...
  * renamed source files
  * rewrote GEM support without using GEM headers
  * removed --gem-include
  * removed bundled/Base (was a copy of GEM 0.91 include files)
  * [#from_pix]: much faster
  * [#to_pix]: support 3-channel rgb input
  * [#out x11]: some video modes are now much faster than before
  * [args]: don't [loadbang] it anymore: it's automatic now.
  * [args]: removed attribute outlet: it's automatic now.
  * removed [send39] : GridFlow requires PureData 0.40 these days.
  * added GridFlow About in Help menu
  * GridFlow menu items available in all windows instead of just the main

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