[Gridflow-dev] GEM support in GridFlow

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sun Nov 1 22:39:26 EST 2009

the GEM support in GridFlow 0.9.6 doesn't use GEM's headers anymore, so, 
no need to install the GEM sources, configure them and point to them. 
people tended to get this wrong anyway.

this new implementation also is less kludgy in several ways, as it doesn't 
use CPPExtern and thus doesn't need funny Zaphod-like objects (two heads: 
one for GEM, one for GridFlow).

i know it's gonna blow up at runtime with a future unspecified version of 
GEM, but we'll know that we got there when we get there. In the meanwhile 
it just saved us from some unspecified amount of work needed to support 
multiple versions of GEM at once (GridFlow would have needed three 
binaries for three versions of GEM and now doesn't anymore).

in short, it's a happy day for GEM<->GridFlow cultural exchanges.

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