[Gridflow-dev] ATI linux drivers vs C++ exceptions [SOLVED]

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Sat Oct 4 13:20:45 EDT 2008


I'd been having horrible issues with Pd crashing with a segfault in 
__cxa_allocate_exception() when using both Gem and GridFlow, preventing 
me using the Gem<=>GridFlow bridge:

   pd -lib gridflow -lib Gem     => no crash
   pd -lib Gem -lib gridflow     => segfault

Turns out that it's a bug in the ATI OpenGL implementation, and the 
suggested workaround (to link libstdc++ before opengl libraries) works 
better than I had hoped:


Using the attached source, I can do:

   pd -lib libstdcpp -lib Gem -lib gridflow     => no crash

Hope this helps others in a similar predicament.

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