[Gridflow-dev] revamp of GridFlow

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Mar 18 17:22:43 EST 2006

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, cdr wrote:

> same with gentoo. had to hack rubygems to even work with 1.9 (changing
> private method 'send's to 'funcall's), only to find out rails requires
> 1.8.. as long as its using 'env ruby19' instead of 'env ruby' theres no
> problem really (wasnt 1.9 supposed to come out on valentines day? maybe
> next christmas?)

1.9 is a development branch, and in the ruby world, that means that it'll 
never be released. also, they don't want to make a Ruby 1.10 because it 
would break the lexicographic sorting of version numbers: Ruby 1.9 
should've be called 1.09, etc. They also don't want to make a Ruby 1.A 
(hex numbering as workaround for lack of enough digits). And finally, they 
have high goals for Ruby 2.0, such that it won't be released any time 
soon, and also Ruby 2.0 may "seriously" break compatibility, at least more 
so than 1.6->1.8.

I feel somewhat trapped. I'm currently trying to make it easier to build 
the right Ruby for GridFlow, using additional clauses in the Makefile.

"make ruby-checkout" downloads Ruby 1.9 2005-10-01 from CVS.

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