[Gridflow-dev] revamp of GridFlow

cdr ix at replic.net
Thu Mar 16 03:25:54 EST 2006

> >can you get it as "ruby1.9" in Fink, just like in Debian? It would  
> >make
> >things easier...
> As far as I can tell, fink has up to 1.8 and no higher, and this is  
> including 'unstable' packages.

same with gentoo. had to hack rubygems to even work with 1.9 (changing private method 'send's to 'funcall's), only to find out rails requires 1.8..

as long as its using 'env ruby19' instead of 'env ruby' theres no problem really (wasnt 1.9 supposed to come out on valentines day? maybe next christmas?)

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