[Gridflow-dev] Mac OS X Tiger - Problems

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Oct 21 06:18:02 EDT 2005

On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 ns.artengine.ca at cefn.com wrote:

> When installing Gridflow 8.0 on Mac OS X I end up with the following  
> error when verifying the build with make test.

GridFlow 0.8.0 and later all have "make test" broken. If you can get as 
far as the "expect_convolution_matrix" error, you're ok. (Sorry)

> [gcc64] GNU C++ in 64-bit mode: missing (gcc: error: `off_t'  
> undeclared (first use this function))

That one is normal on G5 computers (it's an option designed to support K8 

> [puredata] Miller Puckette's Pure Data: missing (where is m_pd.h ?)

the directory leading to m_pd.h must be found in the CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH. 
Use the "export" command of the OSX shell, preferably putting it in the 
hidden file ~/.bashrc

> base/number.c.fcs:200: warning: comparison is always false due to  
> limited range of data type


> In file included from format/quartz.m.fcs:43:
> base/grid.h.fcs:523: warning: declaration does not declare anything

i don't know what the hell is this.

> format/quartz.m.fcs:46: warning: type `Pt<unsigned char>' has a user-
> defined constructor
> format/quartz.m.fcs:46: warning: C++ constructors and destructors  
> will not be invoked for Objective-C fields

oops. how do i fix this bug? but it worked when I coded it. Try to ignore 
it for now...

> format/quartz.m.fcs:170: warning: assignment to `unsigned char' from  
> `float'
> format/quartz.m.fcs:170: warning: argument to `unsigned char' from  
> `float'

I don't recall ever seeing these.

It seems like GCC 4 and OSX 10.4 are introducing new warnings I have never 
seen, because GCC 4 is pickier on what is correct C++ and/or ObjC++.

It seems those warnings are harmless though. On the very latest GCC 4, 
I've seen "declaration does not declare anything" be an error that aborts 
compilation. I don't know what the problem is, so if it ever becomes an 
error for you, then either configure with --no-quartz, or fix my bug.

But it seems like GridFlow has compiled fine. Once you fix the problem 
with detecting Pd and do make && make install, you should be able to run 

PS: The "From:" in your message is garbled, and has been replaced by more 
nonsense from our mailserver. Please fix it if you know how.

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