[Gridflow-dev] renaming dirs

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Jun 16 19:26:17 EDT 2005

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005 acastonguay at artengine.ca wrote:

>>> I suggest creating a gf_tutorial directory and changing the
>>> pd_abstraction, pd_examples and pd_help to gf_*.
>> They are in a directory already normally called "gridflow".
> Yes but it is very convenient to have all the directories containing
> patches show up together, pd_help, pd_abstractions, etc.


At the same time, it is often said that abstractions are object classes so 
they are more like externals and libraries than like other pd patches.

> 'pd_' has that advantage but another prefix might be less misleading.

How is it misleading that they start with 'pd_' ? "gridflow/pd_*" means 
it's part of GridFlow but it's made for PureData. I think that is clear, 

Maybe I should've put the *.pd files in the same directories as the *.jmax 

> I'd suggests creating the tutorial dir as 'pd_tutorial' just to be 
> consequent.

I agree.

> I normally work from within the directory where I checked out gridflow, 
> somewhere in my $HOME so relying on 'make install' to correct the 
> directory structure is not great.  By working from my local cvs 
> directory I can easily update files.

That reminds me of another issue. If "make install" were optional, it'd be 
easier to fix something from within Pd and then cvs-commit it immediately 
after. Because there is a "make install" you have to be careful to modify 
both the installed copy (so that you can test it) and the source copy (so 
that you can commit it). If you work on the installed copy and ever do a 
"make install" before updating your source copy, then you overwrite your 
changes (been there done that).

However, in GridFlow, "make install" is not optional, especially because 
of Ruby.

Actually, yes it is, but only if you have this env-var set:

   export RUBYLIB=/usr/local/lib/pd/extra/gridflow

(or whereever else you decide to put gridflow at. Personally it's 

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