[Gridflow-dev] renaming dirs

acastonguay at artengine.ca acastonguay at artengine.ca
Tue Jun 14 12:45:07 EDT 2005

Hi matju, all,

(sorry I am using webmail so keeping threads is a pain, it's not like
there is too much traffic to keep track anyhow)

>> I suggest creating a gf_tutorial directory and changing the
>> pd_abstraction, pd_examples and pd_help to gf_*.

>They are in a directory already normally called "gridflow".
Yes but it is very convenient to have all the directories containing
patches show up together, pd_help, pd_abstractions, etc.  'pd_' has that
advantage but another prefix might be less misleading.  I normally work
from within the directory where I checked out gridflow, somewhere in my
$HOME so relying on 'make install' to correct the directory structure is
not great.  By working from my local cvs directory I can easily update
files.  It is minor anyway and if cvs is not good at handling dir names
changes, I'd suggests creating the tutorial dir as 'pd_tutorial' just to
be consequent.



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