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Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 17 06:02:23 EDT 2004

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Tom Schouten wrote:

> interesting stuff.
> i got my statement from paul grahams' site. can't find it atm..

Strange, I thought that kind of statement would only come from a
pure-functional zealot, especially the university profs who want to teach
pure-functional and chose LISP for that and are not accountable for what
they say because most students don't care as long as they get their

> this is funny. i actually planned to do that. i sent an email to the
> professor teaching the course and he gave me the advice not to. maybe
> because i started about forth explaining him what i wanted to do (i
> still need to build a compiler for libtile). no point in teaching comp
> sci to forthers haha.

The fact is it's much more difficult to teach your personal ways to a
student who's also already got personal ways. Teachers prefer teaching to
blank slates as much as possible, because that way they don't have their
opinions challenged in the classroom. And then, if the topic is unlikely
to be further encountered by the students, the prof is also unaccountable
because the students are unlikely to later complain about the quality of
the opinions he had.

So, the teacher gave you the advice not to take the course, but he didn't
explain why?

> anyway, maybe you know where i should find some quick-n-dirty solution to
> the problem of register allocation.

I have zero experience in that area.

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