[Gridflow-dev] ping (fwd)

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Fri Sep 17 05:09:58 EDT 2004

> > and as far as i understand the origin of lisp, lisp (stripped of
> > all mutators) is actually meant to be a replacement for the concept 
> > of 'turing machine'.
> No, LISP was meant as a kind of generic experimental language-handling
> ...

interesting stuff.
i got my statement from paul grahams' site. can't find it atm..

> > lisp is an evaluator, and talks about evaluation as its basic
> > action.
> You mean "lambda is an evaluator...". If you want a practical language
> that most closely follows lambda, and is extremely unlikely to stray away
> from immutability, pick Haskell.

it's on my list.

> But that's 90's research. And you've got
> to swallow the strong-typed semantics as well. Else you can also go in a
> compsci department and take a course in compilers and chances are that
> half of the homework assignments will sound like "make a translator from
> lambda to..."

this is funny. i actually planned to do that. i sent an email to the professor
teaching the course and he gave me the advice not to. maybe because i
started about forth explaining him what i wanted to do (i still need to
build a compiler for libtile). no point in teaching comp sci to forthers haha.

anyway, maybe you know where i should find some quick-n-dirty solution to
the problem of register allocation. because atm that's all i need atm..
i need to get some stuff done actually.

the book for the course was:
Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation

very interesting book but quite intense..

anyway. comments consumed. merci.

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