[Gridflow-dev] feature requests: @fold1, @foldr, @foldr1, @scan1. @scanr, @scanr1, unary ignore

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 8 20:45:12 EDT 2004

On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Tom Schouten wrote:

> How do you see the idea of making pf support a compile time option of
> gridflow? Libpdp is a system library independent of pd so this should
> pose no problems.

This is ok with me. You just need to add a Feature.new {} block in
./configure. Maybe I should make a directory called optional/ for modules
like this, because that doesn't belong in base/ for sure, and it doesn't
belong in format/ because that dir is for [#in]/[#out] plugins.

> That is, as long it is possible to do this outside of gridflow core
> with a pd object depending on both gridflow and libpdp, but i'm not
> sure about this actually.

GridFlow doesn't have a public interface yet. I don't think this will
happen before 1.0 because I'm still changing a bunch of things. Actually I
think that this will be the big feature of 1.0.

Mathieu Bouchard                       http://artengine.ca/matju

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