Cathartic Potential
, 1998
enlarged view and details

Crazy Simone's Carpet Warehouse, 2003 Maple Carpet
enlarged view and details

  Matrix of Identity

Working with a range of non-traditional materials including furniture and children's toys, at times in conjunction with more conventional painting, sculptural and photographic elements, I create works which are best described as mixed-media experiments - highly conceptual, semi-autobiographical and often humorous commentaries on both society and self.

Investigations into psychological, genetic, spiritual and geographical aspects of identity drive the main body of my work. The mirror is a primary material in my works on psychology and identity. Art expressing ideas about genetics and identity involve images using my DNA sequence. Geographical aspects of identity are explored in work developed as a result of travels to Sri Lanka, Kossovo and New York.

Due to my work in Elliot Lake, new layers of inquiry have begun regarding spirituality, geology (landscape) and identity. I am intrigued by the substances of the landscape and how they affect our sense of self. The rocks are no longer inert silent substances but rather indication of the life that was here before me. Elliot Lake sits on some of the world's oldest geological formations and this invokes thoughts on origins both temporal and sublime. This in turn informs the shape and the content of the work that I construct and changes my relationship to the environment. I find that my practice is driven by my curiosity about the human condition. By exploring each of these areas of knowledge I collect information from our fragmented bodies of knowledge and construct a matrix for understanding identity. Never complete, this matrix becomes the site for continuing and divergent layers of inquiry.

Untitled, 2003
enlarged view and details
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