Franck Binard franckbinard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 19:36:41 EST 2017

Looking for collab partners for various personal projects I have - all
soft, but will work on hardware projects - Can help for your projects as
well if you have, or good op if you want to learn some new skill by doing?
GitHub only. No restriction on location or time zone.

My projects mostly in machine learning, data mining, data representation -
I'm willing to collab on other things, even ones for which I'd need to pick
up a book. You'd be PM for your projects, I'd be PM for mine. Small (max 1
month horizon projects only)

me: no prefs on windows or linux dev, any kind of programming - perl c/c++
javascript -nodejs, angular, bootstrap, jquery - java ruby visual basic/vba
windows office automation (access/xcel,word/outlook), 3D (opengl) and game
prog. Strong machine learning, stats, strong logic/algebra/numerical
recipes, working knowledge of R and matlab os eqv octave - html css, bunch
of weird little programming languages (ocaml, scheme, prolog) - can write
parsers, interpreters...bash, linux commnad line, gcc, what ahve you.
Mobile: bootstrap html5 objectivec swift android studio, xna game dev (xbox
and microsoft phones and tablets) - some experience coding for robot
(wheeled) and drone behavior, web scrapping, server prog (CGI/perl/php or
node) nd client side

others: vms config on google cloud or azure- install start run and
configure apache2 servs, nodejs servs, use and publish azure machine
learning, from datasource to web, basic linux admin, weak on security and
networking but not afraid

me: i'm a make it work kinda guy, not attached to any particular tech, os
or language, i like building small working demos really fast and building
on that or dropping the idea and moving on. Weak on organization

you: the more you know, the better obviously, but energy, tenacity
creativity, and willingness to seriously consider crazy ideas more
important. Looking for one-on-one collaborations first
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