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Thu Jan 5 20:55:22 EST 2017

Hi Franck,

I'd be interested in collaborating on various projects with various people.

I'm not sure how much help I can be on the software side as I am an
intermediate programmer (C) and you appear to be well beyond that. I
may be able to help with electronic and mechanical needs if any.

As far as my own projects go, I'm currently focused on 2 aspects of my
next robot. On the software part, I've been trying to teach it how to
converse in English. It's working somewhat at the moment but there's a
long way to go yet.

On the mechanical side, I'm working on the base. It'll be 2 feet wide
and have 4 wheel independent steering. Anyone interested in
participating will be provided with whatever explaining they need to
bring them up to speed.


On 5 January 2017 at 19:36, Franck Binard <franckbinard at gmail.com> wrote:
> Looking for collab partners for various personal projects I have - all soft,
> but will work on hardware projects - Can help for your projects as well if
> you have, or good op if you want to learn some new skill by doing? GitHub
> only. No restriction on location or time zone.
> My projects mostly in machine learning, data mining, data representation -
> I'm willing to collab on other things, even ones for which I'd need to pick
> up a book. You'd be PM for your projects, I'd be PM for mine. Small (max 1
> month horizon projects only)
> me: no prefs on windows or linux dev, any kind of programming - perl c/c++
> javascript -nodejs, angular, bootstrap, jquery - java ruby visual basic/vba
> windows office automation (access/xcel,word/outlook), 3D (opengl) and game
> prog. Strong machine learning, stats, strong logic/algebra/numerical
> recipes, working knowledge of R and matlab os eqv octave - html css, bunch
> of weird little programming languages (ocaml, scheme, prolog) - can write
> parsers, interpreters...bash, linux commnad line, gcc, what ahve you.
> Mobile: bootstrap html5 objectivec swift android studio, xna game dev (xbox
> and microsoft phones and tablets) - some experience coding for robot
> (wheeled) and drone behavior, web scrapping, server prog (CGI/perl/php or
> node) nd client side
> others: vms config on google cloud or azure- install start run and configure
> apache2 servs, nodejs servs, use and publish azure machine learning, from
> datasource to web, basic linux admin, weak on security and networking but
> not afraid
> me: i'm a make it work kinda guy, not attached to any particular tech, os or
> language, i like building small working demos really fast and building on
> that or dropping the idea and moving on. Weak on organization
> you: the more you know, the better obviously, but energy, tenacity
> creativity, and willingness to seriously consider crazy ideas more
> important. Looking for one-on-one collaborations first
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