[Lab] Geneva mechanism... update

Adrian adrian at woodsgood.ca
Sat Dec 9 18:43:10 EST 2017

Dear all,

So while Gudmund got in there first with his 3D printed model, here’s my version...

The drive wheel has a 5mm OD brass bearing that moves the sprocket 36 degrees (10 points) for each rotation. Seems like a good start for a 4-digit clock?




Many thanks, 


... Adrian 


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Don't forget there is no Wednesday meetup at Hack613 this Wednesday (there was no volunteer to host it)... 

But there is something else fun going on! Tuesday is a drawing session at Atomic (downstairs) hosted by Peter Purdy. Models come in, patrons draw them. It's a fun party and I've been bringing the drawing robot and working on block printing at the party. http://hack613.com/event/drawing-at-the-rooster-3/

If we do any actual printing of course we can run upstairs to get brown paper to cover our work surfaces as well as run brayers and stuff upstairs to clean in the sink so we don't crowd their washroom. We'll keep the doorbell-key with us so anybody can run up as needed.




Darcy Whyte


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