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Jason Cobill jason.cobill at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 08:23:27 EDT 2016

   This is a cool project! I did something like this a few years ago (a
squirrel detector) using processing, but I had to dedicate a whole laptop
and run cables out my window to scare squirrels out of my garden,
   The Raspberry PI is amazing - you could make a scarecrow with motion
detection (or even image recognition?) small enough to leave right in the
garden between the plants, and run it off a battery.


   -Jason Cobill

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 11:02 PM, Peter Sjoberg <peters-modlab at techwiz.ca>

> On the arduino day it was a display of a rpi with a hw camera and some
> motion detection sw. I asked about the "motion" sw and apperently that
> didn't work at all so I took that as a challenge and checked up on it now.
> In short - dunno exactly what Mathias (?) had written but I did put up
> "motion" to run on my rpi in 10 minutes following
> http://www.richardmudhar.com/blog/2015/02/raspberry-pi-camera-and-motion-out-of-the-box-sparrowcam/
> The only additional thing I had to do was "chown motion
> /var/lib/motion" and then I had a stream coming from my rpi camera plus
> snapshots saved whenever more than 1500 pixels changed. Reading down
> /etc/motion/motion.conf wasn't that hard to guess what each option was
> doing so I did play around with values a bit.
> With that I now have a new project, security camera for home
> surveillance - that will text me or something when stuff happens that
> I'm not ready for.
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