[Lab] rpi and Motion

Peter Sjoberg peters-modlab at techwiz.ca
Sun Apr 3 23:02:33 EDT 2016

On the arduino day it was a display of a rpi with a hw camera and some
motion detection sw. I asked about the "motion" sw and apperently that
didn't work at all so I took that as a challenge and checked up on it now.
In short - dunno exactly what Mathias (?) had written but I did put up
"motion" to run on my rpi in 10 minutes following
The only additional thing I had to do was "chown motion 
/var/lib/motion" and then I had a stream coming from my rpi camera plus
snapshots saved whenever more than 1500 pixels changed. Reading down
/etc/motion/motion.conf wasn't that hard to guess what each option was
doing so I did play around with values a bit.

With that I now have a new project, security camera for home
surveillance - that will text me or something when stuff happens that
I'm not ready for.

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