[Lab] CNC parts?

Tom Burns tom.i.burns at gmail.com
Sun May 4 17:21:33 EDT 2014

I built a cheaper kit, the mydiycnc.  It was unusable.  The build was off
by 1/4" in some places that needed tight accuracy.

I got a shapeoko 1 base kit (right before the shapeoko 2 was announced :( )
and the build quality was stellar however the lack of a second y axis motor
caused unusable skew.  As well I was trying to reuse the mydiycnc
electronics which are the lowest quality steppers you can find.
So now I've bought the better steppers and the y axis upgrade kit for the
shapeoko.  3rd cnc build, yet to cut something successfully.

So my advice is just a compete kit with a good community like the shapeoko.
 While it may cost you a bit more upfront it will save you with avoided

On Sunday, May 4, 2014, Joseph Michael Sleiman <jslei033 at uottawa.ca> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I'm looking to build a CNC variant with some friends (we're not ready to
> announce what it does, but it shouldn't cause too much feedback/pushback on
> the system like drilling would). However, we're stumped on suppliers for
> belts and pulleys, leadscrews and nuts, bearings to connect the motor to
> the screw, and even motors, from shops that are based in Canada and
> Ottawa/Ontario if possible.
> Any suggestions?
> We're also looking to weight our options for belt vs rod drive; so far it
> seems like rod is more expensive and a bit more power-hungry, but would we
> be able to do a rod-drive with NEMA-17 motors or would we need NEMA-23?
> There's not going to be too much kickback/feedback on the system, but we'd
> like something that is low maintenance and can work really well on a
> 18"x24" bed (which is why we considered threaded rods).
> If anyone also has suggestions for where to find plain metal rods,
> controllers, and other bits and pieces for CNCs, that would also be
> appreciated. We've been looking at ShapeOko, but I feel like some parts are
> overkill.
> Thanks,
> Joseph
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