[Lab] Video Render! Urgent

Aurelius R maxrowsell at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 14:36:37 EST 2014

Hey everyone!

I'm in a bit of a jam -- as part of my college applications I've filmed a
video to send to the admissions department/head of the department I'm
applying for. I've been able to render video on my computer (as well it
should with my specs!) but over the last month or two I've been having
problems. For some reason either the thermal shutdown or the hardware
temperature monitor trips and the system locks up or reboots partway
through video rendering. I've been trying to fix this problem for a while.
The workaround that was working before was to open my window and let the
whole room cool down to the icy winter temps, but even now that doesn't

All this to say -- does anyone have a computer that is capable of rendering
HD video? It's only 720p, and if you don't have editing software I can
bring my own. I literally would only need half an hour or less. I'm really
in a jam or I wouldn't ask for help.

Peace, Love, Empathy

Alexander Max Rowsell
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