[Lab] Philippines Christmas Parol Lantern

Darcy Whyte darcy at siteware.com
Sun Dec 1 14:22:44 EST 2013

I know a lot of people from the Philippines and am aware that this is a
tricky time for them with the recent storm. Don't forget the Philippines
sends foreign workers all over the world so the losses and disruption are
not focused just in the storm area. They are distributed families and home
sickness can come forward at times like this.

So I figured it would be fun to shift the focus a bit by making some
"traditional" Philippines Christmas Lanterns.

1) For anyone in the laser room M76, that little stack of cardboard is
mine. It's labeled but I just wanted to make sure as I'm using it for this
project. You are welcome to use it if you want to make a Parol Lantern

2) I am using cardboard to make them rather than the traditional bamboo
strips. So it's easy for anyone to download the template and cook them up.

I'd like to invite people to make them. It's pretty fun and when Filipinos
see it it will make them happy. I've been transporting them on the street
and they often come forward laughing when they see it.

So please make one and hang it in your front window.

3) I've got the basic design working well and am now going to *add light*.
I think this is a chance to bring in Arduino and other forms of blinky
light control.* Ideas are welcome!*

Here is the project URL: http://inventorartist.com/tag/parol/
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