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James Allanson james.d.allanson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 11:44:32 EDT 2013

Hi there! I’m James Allanson, a member of the Enviables team.  Some of you
have already met me at Modlab nights or at various 3D print related events
with Artengine.  I recently put out a request for testing for a new 3D
print based service.  I’d like to thank everyone who came out and helped
us!  I’d like to encourage all of you to check out the results of our hard
work.  And I’d like to encourage any and all 3D designers out there to
enter our competition!  See the message below.

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We’d like to introduce our new service, Enviables.com.  Enviables is the
marketplace for luxury designer jewellery.  Through the use of 3D printing
technology, we enable CAD jewellery designers to sell their designs online
to the public.  Buyers can personalize their selections through a variety
of options, currently finish, karat and colour of gold, when purchasing the
piece.  In conjunction with Fused Elements we produce, package, and ship it
to the buyer; and pay a commission to the designer.  This process bridges
the current gap between great designers and the general public.

In order to encourage creativity and site participation, we are having a
design competition called the JFH2 competition.  We are looking for
participants familiar with CAD from hackerspaces, traditional design
schools and 3D modelling user groups in our search for designers for our
challenge.  Our hope is to inspire designers to challenge the perceptions
of traditional jewelry design.  Here is a link to our contest:


Looking forward to seeing your entries!


A member of the Enviables.com team.
info at enviables.com
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