[Lab] Looking for ideas

Bruce Harding bruce.harding at faintfuzzies.ca
Sat Nov 17 17:51:14 EST 2012

My wife is losing her hearing and I'd like to build her a few things with 
Arduino's that could help her out.

Her hearing is like this  1/4 in one ear and 1/2 in the other.  This week the 
alarm went off for 8 minutes before I got tired of listening to it and came up 
stairs to wake her up.  The problem is she was sleeping on her good ear.

So I was thinking what about a Arduino that recognizes her alarm and a.) 
vibrates the bed or b.) vibrates something under her pillow or c.) a string of 
flashing bright LED's or d.) open the blinds or e.) all of the above?

So if you seen a similar project or have ideas on how I can proceed let me 

I've also got to apply this at some point to our door bell as well.
Bruce Harding
Information Broker

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