[Lab] Hackerspace/Makerspace votes needed urgently for entrepreneurial grant

Roswyne roswyne at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 13:02:24 EDT 2012

Sorry if this is old info to you - based on the voting, I'm assuming at
least some of you haven't heard this.



**** IMPORTANT NEWS!!! ****

Skullspace is proud to announce that Michael Legary, of our neighbour
makerspace Assentworks, has applied for a grant to give money to hacker and
makerspaces *across Canada*.

But we need your help: Mike is one of eight finalists, and needs *your votes
* to win the grant!

Please vote *daily* at the following link:

Ask your friends and family to vote too! *Show your pride* in being a
hacker &/or maker.
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