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Moonsun Choi operations at artengine.ca
Tue Jun 5 14:33:53 EDT 2012

Dear Members and Labbers,

Britta Evans (Artngine Lab Coordinator) has been doing an amazing job 
for the past nine months since she has joined in Artengine team in 
September last year.
She helped enhance M70's functionality by organizing impressive list of 
OPEN workshops, providing handy technical support for members and 
closely connecting our lab communities.

As you may know, Britta will be away from the Lab for a month in June 
for her research trip to Europe. During her trip, she will visit major 
media arts festivals and key hacker spaces there to update her knowledge 
on contemporary media arts practice as well as the recent maker 
movements. Artengine colleagues wish her best luck for the trip.

While Britta is away, I will be more than happy to assist you to do 
housekeeping the Lab after your use. Please let me know if you need 
higher-voltage vacuum or plastic bags to tide up your leftovers.

In addition, let me know if you have any questions on the forthcoming 
Ottawa Maker Faire, equipment booking/rental or membership arrangement. 
I am accessible through email (operations at artengine.ca 
<mailto:operations at artengine.ca>) or phone (613-686-1941).

Hope you too have a great summer!

Moonsun Choi
Operations Manager
2 Daly Ave
Ottawa, ON    K1N 6E2
(Phone) 613-686-1941
operations at artengine.ca

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