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Tue Jan 10 11:01:54 EST 2012

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On 2012-01-04, at 3:12 PM, Michael Kulpa (Google Groups) wrote:

> Michael Kulpa michael.kulpa at ents.ca has invited you to join the Canadian 
> Hackerspace Admin group with this message:
> Hello everyone, 
> First let me apologize to anybody who has received this message in error. I 
> built the invite list from the Canadian Hackerspaces listed on Hackerspaces.
> org. I included dormant spaces too, as their members may still have valuable 
> input. 
> My name is Michael Kulpa and I am the president of the Edmonton New Technology
> Society (ENTS), Edmonton's Hackerspace. I have had the idea of creating a 
> Canadian specific Hackerspace group to help the directors and administrators 
> of Canadian spaces network and share resources. I realise there is a degree of
> redundancy to the group maintained by Hackerspaces.org, however I feel that 
> Canadian spaces face some particular challenges not seen elsewhere. 
> I hope that this group will be used to discuss administrative functions 
> related to keeping a Hackerspace going, not so much general project discussion.
> It could also be used to share resources between spaces.
> Some real examples could be along the lines of "Protospace (Calgary) has a 
> laser cutter, we do not. We would like to share the cutter and send parts 
> between our cities as people travel to and from" or "We're moving and would 
> appreciate any help from surrounding spaces, can anybody volunteer help? We 
> can provide couches for sleeping, beer for drinking and pizza for eating" 
> Should there be enough interest in this group I would be happy to share the 
> management with interested spaces. 
> Thanks for taking the time to read, happy hacking!
> Michael 
> Here is the group's description:
> Canadian Hackerspaces can discuss what is/not working for them. It can be used
> to network and share resources between spaces. Canadian Hackerspaces have 
> different circumstances than American/International spaces. This group's goal 
> is to discuss administrative challenges, not general discussion. 


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