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Michael Kulpa (Google Groups) noreply at googlegroups.com
Wed Jan 4 15:12:57 EST 2012

 Michael Kulpa michael.kulpa at ents.ca has invited you to join the Canadian 
Hackerspace Admin group with this message:

Hello everyone, 

First let me apologize to anybody who has received this message in error. I 
built the invite list from the Canadian Hackerspaces listed on Hackerspaces.
org. I included dormant spaces too, as their members may still have valuable 

My name is Michael Kulpa and I am the president of the Edmonton New Technology
Society (ENTS), Edmonton's Hackerspace. I have had the idea of creating a 
Canadian specific Hackerspace group to help the directors and administrators 
of Canadian spaces network and share resources. I realise there is a degree of
redundancy to the group maintained by Hackerspaces.org, however I feel that 
Canadian spaces face some particular challenges not seen elsewhere. 

I hope that this group will be used to discuss administrative functions 
related to keeping a Hackerspace going, not so much general project discussion.
 It could also be used to share resources between spaces.

Some real examples could be along the lines of "Protospace (Calgary) has a 
laser cutter, we do not. We would like to share the cutter and send parts 
between our cities as people travel to and from" or "We're moving and would 
appreciate any help from surrounding spaces, can anybody volunteer help? We 
can provide couches for sleeping, beer for drinking and pizza for eating" 

Should there be enough interest in this group I would be happy to share the 
management with interested spaces. 

Thanks for taking the time to read, happy hacking!


Here is the group's description:

Canadian Hackerspaces can discuss what is/not working for them. It can be used
to network and share resources between spaces. Canadian Hackerspaces have 
different circumstances than American/International spaces. This group's goal 
is to discuss administrative challenges, not general discussion. 

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