[Lab] christmas light pcb

Peter Sjoberg peters-modlab at techwiz.ca
Mon Dec 24 03:17:55 EST 2012

I picked up a Christmas light at walmart and trying to find info about
it. What interested me is that for $8 I got 15 RGB LEDs, each with it's
own little pcb and it seems like they can be controlled individually! Of
course it's not as simple as reading the specs because I haven't found
any (did google the numbers found) and the IC is a black blob so no help
I opened up the first and last one to take some pictures. The first one
has 5V feed on the upper row marked "DI", the bottom row marked "DO" has
3 wires going to next light where it comes in on the "DI" row, out on a
"DO" and my guess is that it goes on like that to the end.
I took some pictures of it that can be seen at
My question is - anyone seen anything like it ? Any clue on where/how I
can find more info? Somewhere else to ask ?


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