[Lab] DIYode - Launch of a New Project

Eva Bodahelyi eva at diyode.com
Sat Dec 22 16:18:00 EST 2012


The Diyode Community Workshop is a hackerspace in Guelph, Ontario.

DIYode is just starting up a project to send a container filled with tools
from hackerspaces across Canada to Haiti so they can start their own group
and help Haitians help themselves. We hope to engage hackerspaces so they
can connect with their community and generate coverage and interest in the
hackerspace movement across Canada. We will be contacting as many groups as
we can, and trying for consistent media coverage throughout the project.

Would your group be willing to help support this project? We are hoping to
fill a container on a journey from British Columbia to the East Coast. A
number of us will accompany the container to Haiti to ensure its safe
Feel free to contact me about this, and thank you for any help you may

Please visit out website at http://www.diyode.com/ .

Eva Bodahelyi
Diyode Community Workshop
eva at diyode.com
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