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Matthew Bells matt at mbells.ca
Sat Dec 1 23:08:56 EST 2012

I just setup a Zwave lamp module
642561&CatId=7190>  that slowly dims on over a couple of minutes. Depending
on how bright your lights are, this might work as well. You can also get
modules that open blinds.


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For something with a bit more "directed oomph", SparkFun carries some
solenoids that might do the trick: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10391


On 2012-11-20, at 8:15 PM, bentfork at gmail.com wrote:

There are things called 'bed shakers' that you can buy for the hearing

They work like the old pager vibrators.  A simple motor with a offset
weight attached to it.

Here is a commercial version :

On 17 November 2012 22:48, Richard Guy Briggs <rgb at tricolour.net> wrote:

On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 06:42:26PM -0500, Bruce Harding wrote:

I've re-thought that, and I think something that would fit on her side of

bed near her head or under pillow would be better for me. :-)  I was

of using an old electric toothbrush motor similar in a way to the suggestion

from other person that replied.


So just hook the alarm clock output to the toothbrush motor.  No need for an

Arduino.  Ok, maybe it needs a transistor, but not a whole Arduino.



Bruce Harding

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On November 17, 2012 06:09:18 PM you wrote:

You could drive a motor controller to a high speed motor and off set weight

attached to the bed to shake the bedframe




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On 17 Nov 2012 5:51 PM, Bruce Harding <bruce.harding at faintfuzzies.ca> wrote:

My wife is losing her hearing and I'd like to build her a few things with

Arduino's that could help her out.


Her hearing is like this 1/4 in one ear and 1/2 in the other. This week the

alarm went off for 8 minutes before I got tired of listening to it and came

up stairs to wake her up. The problem is she was sleeping on her good ear.


So I was thinking what about a Arduino that recognizes her alarm and a.)

vibrates the bed or b.) vibrates something under her pillow or c.) a string

of flashing bright LED's or d.) open the blinds or e.) all of the above?



So if you seen a similar project or have ideas on how I can proceed let me




I've also got to apply this at some point to our door bell as well.


Bruce Harding


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