[Lab] Artengine's OPEN WORKSHOP - Controlling motors with your Arduino

technical at artengine.ca technical at artengine.ca
Fri Dec 7 13:55:15 EST 2012

For those who did not know yet:

Artengine's OPEN WORKSHOP - Controlling motors with your Arduino

Limited spots available so get them fast!
Reserve your spot at: http://openworkshopmotor.eventbrite.ca/

WHEN: Thursday December 13th, 7PM-9PM
WHERE: M70 Lab in Artscourt (2 Daly Ave)
WHY: Because information wants to be free!

Motors are different than other Arduino controlled devices because they
require higher currents than the microprocessor can supply.  In this
workshop we'll explore how to use a $2.00 chip to not only turn on and off
a DC motor, but to control its direction.  By the end of the session
you'll be ready to build your own inexpensive control circuits.

With more and more avenues for creative expression with techno tools we
know that artists are bubbling with new ideas for these new tools. Our
most active and clever community members want to help you get started!

Our new Open Workshops are designed to share information with the cultural
community about everything and anything you might be interested in. Get
your basics in soldering or learn about Google Sketch Up and then come to
the Mod Lab and build a new interactive circuit or use the 3D printer to
bring your design to life.

These workshops are not about being an expert, but about sharing ideas
about how we make things, so come out and try your hand because we want to
build things together!

FOR MORE INFORMATION please contact Britta at technical at artengine.ca

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