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Jean-Marc LeBlanc jeanmarc.leblanc at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 10:54:39 EDT 2011

Thanks allot for that detailed Answer.  All I really want to do is
take pictures and play mp3 with my black berry.  You don't think it
would be fast enought to play movies or record movies from a cell

Jean-Marc Le Blanc

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On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Paul & Andrea Mumby
<themumbys at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've never bought from him, but from reading the specs, they list read/write
> speed of 1.5MB/s which is very slow. Might be alright for photos/MP3s on a
> cell phone, but wouldn't work well for high end photography, video
> recording, video playback, or gaming.
> They are likely real, just cheap chinese cards that he's importing in
> batches to cut costs. Because they are slow that explains the low price. For
> example the SD Class normally refers directly to the read/write speed
> (minimum) that the card can attain directly. So Class 2 is 2MB/s, Class 6 is
> 6MB/s and Class 10 is 10MB/s
> Right now Class 4 are most of the "low end" cards on the market, and Class 6
> is the "average".
> Class 10 are the "High Performance" cards used in video recording, and
> gaming and such.
> So this card would be below a Class 2, which is considered very low end.
> But that does not mean it won't be reliable, and last a long time, storing a
> large volume of data for you. It just won't do it very fast (as I said MP3
> files will stream from that speed fine, and regular cellphone picture taking
> would likely be just fine as well). Although loading the full 32GB of data
> onto it at 1.5MB/s would take about 6 hours of copying... Consider that too.
> As a comparison, these are 16GB cards from FactoryDirect which are Class6
> (but likely cheap chinese imports as
> well) http://www.factorydirect.ca/catalog/product_spec.php?pcode=TF1600
> 16GB for
> $30
> An actual brand name MicroSD 16GB Class 6 from Canada Computers is about $35
> - $40
> A 32GB Class 10 MicroSD (brand name) from Canada Computers will cost about
> $80
> So the price is rather fantastic, but it's the speed that concerns me.
> Hope that helps.
> - Paul
> On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 8:41 AM, Jean-Marc LeBlanc
> <jeanmarc.leblanc at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My wife and i recently got 2 black berries and would like to add space
>> with a micro SD card.  I found this guy on Kijiji that is selling 32
>> gb SD cards for fairly cheap.  Has any one bought from him?  I am
>> wondering if they are fake.  he said they are not used and he orders
>> and sells them.
>> http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-computer-accessories-32GB-MICRO-SD-MEMORY-CARDS-25-W0QQAdIdZ293660192
>> Jean-Marc Le Blanc
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>> wrote their own device drivers?" Linus Torvalds
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