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I've never bought from him, but from reading the specs, they list read/write
speed of 1.5MB/s which is very slow. Might be alright for photos/MP3s on a
cell phone, but wouldn't work well for high end photography, video
recording, video playback, or gaming.

They are likely real, just cheap chinese cards that he's importing in
batches to cut costs. Because they are slow that explains the low price. For
example the SD Class normally refers directly to the read/write speed
(minimum) that the card can attain directly. So Class 2 is 2MB/s, Class 6 is
6MB/s and Class 10 is 10MB/s

Right now Class 4 are most of the "low end" cards on the market, and Class 6
is the "average".

Class 10 are the "High Performance" cards used in video recording, and
gaming and such.

So this card would be below a Class 2, which is considered very low end.

But that does not mean it won't be reliable, and last a long time, storing a
large volume of data for you. It just won't do it very fast (as I said MP3
files will stream from that speed fine, and regular cellphone picture taking
would likely be just fine as well). Although loading the full 32GB of data
onto it at 1.5MB/s would take about 6 hours of copying... Consider that too.

As a comparison, these are 16GB cards from FactoryDirect which are Class6
(but likely cheap chinese imports as well)
16GB for

An actual brand name MicroSD 16GB Class 6 from Canada Computers is about $35
- $40

A 32GB Class 10 MicroSD (brand name) from Canada Computers will cost about

So the price is rather fantastic, but it's the speed that concerns me.

Hope that helps.

- Paul

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 8:41 AM, Jean-Marc LeBlanc <
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> Hi,
> My wife and i recently got 2 black berries and would like to add space
> with a micro SD card.  I found this guy on Kijiji that is selling 32
> gb SD cards for fairly cheap.  Has any one bought from him?  I am
> wondering if they are fake.  he said they are not used and he orders
> and sells them.
> http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-computer-accessories-32GB-MICRO-SD-MEMORY-CARDS-25-W0QQAdIdZ293660192
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