Disciplinary Action: Performance in a time of convergence

Join us for four days of networking events, galvanizing the local scene in the spirit of greater harmony, interaction and mutual support, and establishing new connections between our local community and other performance communities across Canada.

Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Galerie SAW Gallery, and Artengine bring Performance Creation Canada to Ottawa. Performance Creation Canada (PCC) is an interdisciplinary nationwide network dedicated to the nourishment, management and study of performance creation in Canada, and the ecology in which it flourishes. Each PCC event constitutes an ongoing discussion of performance creation in Canada, a meeting place for the individuals at its core, and a celebration of the communities in which they work.

PCC's gathering in Ottawa examines the most crucial issues and challenges facing our local arts community. This edition of PCC represents a new step in the evolution of the network as it strengthens its cross and inter-disciplinary focus, bringing artists and organizations firmly grounded in a wide variety of disciplines into the fold.

PCC A Brief History (PDF, 33KB)

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