The Moroccan Jewish Museum for Living Culture

Marc’s Farm at Sedot Micah

My moshav, Sedot Micah, is located near Beth Shemesh, half way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
We are surrounded by national parks such as Park Britania and Park Canada, which offer ample hiking/cycling opportunities.

My moshav is going through a restructuring stage.
Early settlers aged, farming declined due to water shortages, and the educated young moved to better opportunities in high tech and biotech.
As Israel aims to expand its tourism industry, we are exploring venues in cultural tourism.
The idea involves setting up a museum and archive to highlight an ethnic or secular culture related to the Jewish Diaspora.
One village may focus on the culture of Moroccan or Yemenite Jewry while another may choose Jewish Theatre…
As Sedot Micah was settled by Jews from Morocco (mostly), we intend to establish a museum and archive relating to Jewish Moroccan Culture.
We are in the early stages of converting farming buildings to be used as a museum and archive as well as guest houses.
We are now laying the foundation of the project.
This involves construction on sound ecological principles, i.e., building with recycled materials (tires) as well as mud.
We also maintain some farming activities, i.e., those that require minimum use of water (prickly pears, olives, figs, pomegranates…).
We also use ‘grey’ water and follow organic and ecological principles.
We intend to develop a medicinal herb garden as part of the museum compound, as Moroccan Jews used medicinal plants before immigration to Israel.

Volunteer work involves some farming/gardening, but also laying the foundation for a museum and archive.
It involves physical work on site (farming and construction) but also being an ambassador of good will, i.e., spreading the word on behalf of our initiative to give a new life to an old settlement. This may involve setting up a web site, writing a project proposal to raise funds and so forth…
Artists in all disciplines are most welcome.
So, volunteer work depends a lot on the skills of the volunteer as well as what is most urgently needed on location.
Volunteers are required to work about 6 to 8 hours. They have Friday and Saturday off.
Volunteers are expected to have their own medical insurance.
We do offer food, accommodation and occasional trips to nearby sites. But our accommodation space is limited.
Accommodation depends on when volunteers arrive.  Vacant rooms are reserved in advance; otherwise, we offer a tent or a shed.
Showers and food are offered at the main farmhouse, although we are in the process of building an additional kitchen and shower in an adjacent building.
We prepare food together and eat together as a family.
More info on my background is posted at my website:
Click here for our photo tour.   How to get to Marc’s Farm?
See you soon at our farm.

Contact info:
02 995 1250 from Israel
972 2 995 1250 from abroad
By mail: Eliany, Sedot Micah 15, Doar Na Haela, 99810, Israel