The Moroccan Jewish Museum for Living Culture

Sedot Micah Photo Tour

Front entrance of the farmhouse
The marble path was made of recycled construction matertial
The tiles were home made in a Moroccan style
Right of the marble path is our tea herbs and lavender on the right

Farmhouse main dining area.
the table was hand made with recycled wood

View of dining area from the living room
Most art work is Marc's

Living room
Moroccan style armchairs and sofas designed and made by Marc with friends help
Moroccan tea tray on the book stand.
Monica Fiordelisi-Rahvalschi, an Israeli of Argentinian origin helped make these sofas.


Stone patio
More finishing to come

Kitchen and shower water pipes were separated from toilet pipes
to be recycled for irrigation.
This modular system was made from readily available components.
The system will be enhanced in an incremental way.
Thorsten Brueckner from Germany helped install it.

grey water recycler
southern suite
Southern stand alone suite in construction
Finishing pending completion
Southern suite in construction
southern suite in construction
southern suite wood ceiling
Southern suite wooden ceiling

Mark and Guenevere Fast from Canada helped build it.
We recycle tires, using them here as a foundation for stairs.
Similarly, tires are used to build a wall surrounding our museum compound.
Mark and Guenevere Fast from Canada helped build it.

building with tires
path to museum and residence
Path leading to museum compound in construction
These two chicken houses will make our museum compound,
thanks to the hard work of so many devoted volunteers from around the world,
an international contribution to the rehabilitation of a farming village in need of a vocation!
chicken houses before turning into a museum compound