Community Art projects

1979                Established the Fine Things Gallery in Fournier, Ontario, a rural artists collaboration project in Prescott Russell, East of Ottawa

1980-1981       Contributed to Big Brothers Annual Art auction, Ottawa, Canada

1996-1997       Initiated Art on Preston Street in collaboration with the Preston Street Merchants association and the Vendemia Week, Ottawa, Canada

1997-1999             contributed to the development of NOK, African Artist Association, Ottawa, Canada, acted as Secretary of the Association

1997-2000       Contributed and led the development of “Mad About Art” in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ottawa, Canada. “Mad About Art” is an ongoing art therapy program based in Ottawa and managed by CMHA.

1997-2000       Contributed to United Way and CCOC art fund raising project

1997-2000             Contributed to Artists Against Racism, Ottawa, Canada

1998                                Contributed to Artists against Violence, Ottawa, Canada

2001-2002             Contributed to Lands within Me, artists from Arab Lands established in Canada

1980-2002       ongoing community project documenting Jewish Life in an Arab Land (Morocco) in painting, writing, research, photography and video (see website www.artengine.ca/eliany/ for more publications and related exhibits).

2000-2002       Contributed to a round table committee for art development in la Petite Nation Region, North East of Ottawa. Contributed to a round table committee on the use of art for development of tourism in la Petite Nation Region, North East of Ottawa.

2002                                Invited artist to Ben Gurion University, inaugurated “The Last Jews of Ifrikia” exhibition, launched a reading of the play “Rezadeira” and delivered a lecture on the documentation of Jewish community life in Morocco.

2003                                Invited to Auckland, New Zealand to exhibit and deliver two lectures: “Artistic creation and the Moroccan Jewish Diaspora” and “Burial Practices and the Fes Jewish Cemetery” two art and photography research projects. (see website www.artengine.ca/eliany/ for more publications and related exhibits).

2002-2003       Contributed to the Ben Zvi Diaspora Research Institute publication “The Moroccan Jewry” (Profiles of Jewish Moroccan Artists (article), Moroccan Landscapes (photos),  Jewish life in Morocco (photos) , (see website www.artengine.ca/eliany/ for more publications and related exhibits).

2000-2003             Established an artist residence program Auberge des Arts at Lake Schryer, North East of Ottawa.

2003                Contributor to COAT, Center Ottawa Art Tour.
2004 Established St Andrew's Open Art Studio (A collaborative art exhibition space in Ottawa, Canada)

2005 Art retreats in collaboration with the Ottawa School of Art at Lake Schryer, Quebec

2005 Established Galeria Website for Le cercles des Artistes de Montreal, also member of the board


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15 Moshav Sedot Micah, Doar Na Haela 99810 Israel   
Websites: www.artengine.ca/eliany/     www.virtualpublications.ca