We Make The City Design Challenge


The city is where we are at our best, and at times our worst, but it is always something we are in together. More than just a part of the city, we are also participants. We build it; we break it; we share it; we change it … we are the city! This year the Electric Fields Festival is about the city, so it’s also about working together.

Our design challenge is simple: think of great ideas about the city, put those ideas on a poster and send us a copy. We will print and post all the ideas around town.

Start: 11/09/2013

End: 15/09/2013

We are the city. Collectively we form the fabric from which the city is woven. Outside of shopping malls, office blocks, restaurants, cafes, condo towers and government houses there is a common space we all navigate. How we move, meet and play in this space shapes the city itself. More than a collection of pathways, the city unfolds from the connection, friction and contradiction of the shared world between the buildings around us. Together we make this city; the city is us and we are the city.

This city, Ottawa-Gatineau, is the venue for Electric Fields 2013. This weekend you will find choirs in public squares, bike music on the canal, secret stories on street corners and a magic maze popping up in the park. Come experience the city in a new way. Be a part of these projects and make these projects a part the city!

Ottawa Community

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