Video Music

Curated by Ryan Stec

Video Music highlights work by Canadian and international artists with a distinct focus on the moving image as an instrument for musical composition.


Start: 13/11/2008

End: 23/11/2008

Jeremy Bailey (CA), Cercles Couleureux, 2006 (5 min 54 s)
Louis Dufort (CA), �poch�, 2008 (10 min) presented in HD
Mika Taanila (Finland) with music by [The User] (CA), Optical Sound, 2005 (6 min)
Simon Hughes (CA), Waves of Love, 2000 (2 min)
Tina Frank (Austria), Chronomops, 2005 (2 min)
Thomas J. Newton (UK), Wingbeats, 2007 (14 min 50 s)
Maria Duncker (Finland), Bloom, 2006 (4 min 6 s)