Rhythm Ride

crowd-sourced concert by way of radios

With Ghetto Blast Sound System and in collaboration with Velo Vogue

A simple ride around the canal becomes a crowd-sourced concert by way of radios, gears, LEDs, pedals, processors and a mobile sound system.


7:00 pm

Start: 13/09/2013

End: 13/09/2013

Anyone is welcome to join this musical bike parade. An original piece of music will be generated as modified walkie-talkies collect and distribute your cycling sounds. The composition will be broadcast through an off-the-grid sound system and a local (VLF) FM transmission. Everyone is encouraged to bring an FM radio and tune in. More radios means more fun. There are a limited number of walkie-talkies available, so come early to have your bike be part of the symphony!

Velo Vogue