Electronic Evangelicals

Squelchbox (Ottawa) & Carrie Gates (Saskatoon) Tvestroy (Montréal) VJ Nokami (Toronto)

In 2008, Artengine transformed a decommissioned church into an electrifying haven for electronic audio-visual performance art. “Electronic Evangelicals” was a testament to Artengine’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries while embracing the symbolic power of unconventional spaces.

Start: 13/11/2008

End: 23/11/2008

It would be hard to find a more fitting symbolic act for Artengine then to hold a massive electronic audio-visual performance event in a decommissioned church. Although these metaphors may verge on tacky, the dedication each of these artists bring to their work could easily be considered religious.

While Squelchbox (Sean Lamothe) and Carrie Gates will bend the analogue world around them into new performance experience, Tvestroy (Danny Perreault and Thomas Ouellet Fredericks) is a work of awesome refined power that might bring you to your knees. And, like a calming hymn after a raucous round of hallelujahs, VJ Nokami (Eric Filion) will close the service with his work Semiosis.

These evangelicals for electricity will harness sound waves and bend light, shaping and refining raw electricity into a new and beautiful gospel. Come pray with us! Please join Danny Perreault and Thomas Ouellet Fredericks for an artistic and technical presentation of their work Tvestroy at DAÏMÕN on Saturday, November 15th at 2 PM. Please call 819.770.8525 for more information. This presentation will be in French. Admission is free!

Squelchbox, Tvestroy, VJ Nokami

  • Squelchbox (Sean Lamothe) and Carrie Gates: These artists manipulated the analog world, crafting immersive performance experiences that transcended traditional boundaries.
  • Tvestroy (Danny Perreault and Thomas Ouellet Fredericks): Audiences in 2008 were awestruck by Tvestroy’s refined power and artistic brilliance, a performance that left many humbled and inspired.
  • VJ Nokami (Eric Filion): Like a soothing hymn, VJ Nokami’s Semiosis closed the event, offering a contemplative and visually stunning experience.