Digital Territories

Roger Tellier-Craig, Sabrina Ratté, Nicolas Bernier, Martin Messier, by Szkieve, This Is Not Design

Digital Territories, an audiovisual exploration at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, will take you on a journey through uncharted sonic landscapes and new media artistry. Experience the fiery intensity of “Lucifer” by Szkieve and This Is Not Design, the mechanical symphony of “La Chambre des Machines” by Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier, and the cosmic electronic universe of “Le Révélateur” by Roger Tellier-Craig and Sabrina Ratté. This event promises to be a playful, disorienting, and wondrous exploration of the digital realm.

Start: 12/10/2012

End: 12/10/2012

All roads lead to St. Brigid’s as we explore furtive boundaries and navigate uncertain terrain in search of new audiovisual topography and sonic landmarks. Our journey will be sometimes playful, sometimes disorienting, but always induce the excitement of being about to discover a wondrous new world just over the horizon.

by Szkieve (OTT) and This Is Not Design (MTL)

New media arts are worshipping the spirits of fire. Flames will burn away all profanities, transgressions and imperfections. They will allow to rebuild from scratch. Creating a fresh start on a new basis, fire renders infinite the possibilities to renew and replace the old order. Inspired by pagan and animist cults, “Lucifer” is a live sound and visual performance on the topic of destruction by fire. Sulphur and incense are making the plot of this immersion in a universes rich in sonic and visual textures. Conceived as an immersive experience, this performance will test the limits of your senses. Playing on extremes, noise, saturation and distortion “Lucifer” pushing the boundaries of audio-visual performance.


by Nicolas Bernier and Martin Messier (MTL)

Machines made of gears and cranks are manipulated to produce a sound construction at the crossroads of acoustics and electronics. Submerged in sound, the audience discovers the interaction between mechanical and synthetic sound. With specifically tailored programming, digital processing are enlarging the sound palette of the machines. La chambre des machines stems from a desire to return to the physical world in an environment of digital creation. The project also refers back to the intonarumoris, sound machines built by Italian futurists at the beginning of the 20th century. These machines contained mysterious mechanisms, just as computers do today.


by Roger Tellier-Craig and Sabrina Ratté (MTL)

Roger Tellier-Craig’s musical past is profoundly rooted in Montreal’s underground scene – there was iconic rock outfit Godspeed You! Black Emperor, of which he was a member until 2003, as well as the duo Et Sans, which he worked on alongside Alexandre St-Onge. With Le Révélateur, which started out as a solo venture before expanding into an audio-visual duo with video artist Sabrina Ratté, he conjures up a truly cosmic electronic universe, full of chromatic aberrations, krautrock apparitions, and cascades of incandescent synth arpeggios. In 2011, he released Fictions on the Gneiss Things imprint, while a DVD featuring video pieces by Ratté for each composition was also released on Root Strata.


Artengine, the Ottawa Art Gallery, Daïmon