La Camaraderie

Maker Faire Ottawa 2018, powered by Artengine, was an unforgettable celebration of innovation, featuring the captivating interactive art installation, the Cromotograph created by the multidisciplinary design studio La Camaraderie.. This innovative artwork, a fusion of technology and artistic expression, invited participants to create personalized, real-time visual masterpieces through movement and light. The Cromotograph captivated audiences, demonstrating the potential of technology to transform artistic experiences and foster creativity.

Start: 01/06/2018

End: 03/06/2018

La Camaraderie revisited drawing machines like the harmonograph (that appeared in Europe in the middle of the 19th century) to create a contemporary version of them, adapted to the context of animation in the public space.

Thanks to their mecanism of pendulums, the Chromatographs can create fascinating elliptical drawings! Participants are invited to activate the mecanism of the two pendulums, and the crossing of the sheet movement with the pen one creates a singular outline.