Church Music

A Sonic experience through St. Brigid's Acoustics

Electric Fields 2011’s “Church Music” event transformed St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts into more than just a venue; the basilica’s unique architecture became an integral part of the performance. Artists Roger Tellier-Craig (Le Révélateur), Martin Bédard, and Jean François Laporte utilized the building’s deep reverberation to create an immersive sonic experience, showcasing the diverse sounds of electro-acoustic music in a truly unique setting.

Start: 24/11/2011

End: 24/11/2011

In 2011, Electric Fields (EF) partnered with Montréal-based electro-acoustic festival Akousma to present “Church Music,” a unique event held at St. Brigid’s Center for the Arts. The event showcased three performers, including Roger Tellier-Craig of Le Révélateur, known for his work with Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Fly Pan Am.

Tellier-Craig’s performance blended live analog synthesizer music with tracks from his album “Fictions,” creating a captivating soundscape that challenged and surprised listeners. The event also featured Martin Bédard and Jean François Laporte, further highlighting the diverse and experimental nature of electro-acoustic music.

“Church Music” was a testament to EF’s commitment to exploring the intersection of sound and space, utilizing the unique acoustics of St. Brigid’s to create an unforgettable auditory experience. The event’s focus on pushing musical boundaries and showcasing innovative artists resonated with EF’s overall mission to foster artistic expression and experimentation.

presented in collaboration with Montreal electro-acoustic festival - Akousma