AGIT POV Workshop

A Biking Billboard

Agit POV is a simple LED device for the spokes of your wheel that makes clever use of your pedal power, turning your bicycle wheel into a personal billboard. Join the workshop, build your own POV, and take part in a light ride across town. Visit for more details on the Agit POV.

Start: 11/09/2013

End: 12/09/2013

During ‘We Make The City‘.
Thanks to Henri Kuschkowitz, Anthony Scavarelli and Artengine.

Photos: Henri Kuschkowitz, Anthony Scavarelli Luminartist

Presented in partnership with Community Arts and Public engagement, City of Ottawa

Artists: Mariangela Aponte, Alexandre Castonguay, Thomas Ouellet Fredericks, Henri Kuschkowitz and Anthony Scavarelli