[Pdmtl] PD programmer/consultant needed (part time)

Tamara Smyth tamara.smyth at gmail.com
Mer 6 Juin 16:44:59 EDT 2012


We are currently working on a joint project between myself, computer
music researcher Tamara Smyth, and musician/composer/saxophonist Joel
Miller.  Though I am currently in Vancouver, Joel is in Montreal, and
we would like to hire someone on a contract basis to help him with the
PD component---programming patches, and translating his musical ideas
into PD.  Some knowledge of sound synthesis is essential and any
physical modeling chops would be especially welcome.  It's unclear
initially what the hours would be---this would depend on how the
project develops.

Please respond to me personally for more details, and if you are
interested.  You may include a CV or anything else that will let us
know more about you.

Best regards,

Tamara Smyth, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University

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